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PACKAGE DESIGN IN JAPAN / Дизайн упаковки в Японии

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PACKAGE DESIGN IN JAPAN / Дизайн упаковки в Японии


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PACKAGE DESIGN IN JAPAN / Дизайн упаковки в Японии


Edited by the Japan Package Design Association, this title presents a wide selection of award-winning package designs from Japan. Established in 1962, the JPDA now has some 850 members, both in-house and freelance, and their work spans a broad cross-section of purposes and fulfils an equally wide variety of criteria. The designs are for everyday objects and include packaging for foodstuffs, beverages, perfume, cosmetics, homewares, tobacco products and health supplements. This book sheds light on the vast cultural and creative differences between Eastern and Western packaging and graphic design. Text in English and Japanese.


Переводчик: Hayashi Chine

Редакторы: Hosokawa Izumi, Sato Masako

Издательство RIKUYOSHA

Языки: английский, китайский

Год издания 2005

Страниц: 248 Мелованная бумага, суперобложка)  Цветные иллюстрации

Твердый переплет

Формат: 235x310 мм.
Цена: 2590.00

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